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Young umbilical cord blood plasma 

We have carefully chosen umbilical cord blood as the source for our young blood plasma because it offers the purest and youngest blood without causing any disturbance to the donor's health. Newborn umbilical cord blood is incredibly rich in stem cells, stem cell exosomes, and growth factors. It is untouched by environmental pollution, as newborns have spent their entire gestation period in the protected environment of the mother's womb. 

Furthermore, newborns have not experienced any negative effects of aging, making their blood plasma the purest and youngest available.


Our commitment to plasma quality begins even before the baby is born. We select only young and healthy mothers who meet our strict criteria during antenatal care. We use umbilical cord blood from full-term healthy newborns ( exclude preterm and post term born ) , ensuring that we obtain blood from the healthiest sources. Each newborn provides one umbilical cord, filled with young blood abundant in stem cells and stem cell exosomes. While others may use the blood for stem cell culturing, we use it to produce our young blood plasma.


Each donor's young blood plasma is processed and stored in our state-of-the-art lab class 100 standard lab, known for producing purified medications for injections and advanced nanotechnology.


Before starting the treatment, we perform a cross-match with your blood sample to ensure ABO compatibility and test tube compatibility. This thorough process ensures your safety during the treatment, similar to the Coombs test used in blood transfusions.


During the treatment, you will receive a laboratory certificate detailing the blood used, including blood group, infectious test results, and cross-match details. The young blood plasma will be transfused to you via an IV line, with our experienced critical care nurse and doctor overseeing the entire 45-minute process. Many clients report feeling the magical effects of the treatment within the first week after the session.


We recommend undergoing the treatment once a year to experience its anti-aging effects and maintain good health. Our dedication to using the purest and youngest blood plasma ensures that you receive the most effective and rejuvenating treatment possible.

Our Young blood plasma 

"Attention to detail is crucial in creating a great product."

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The best of the best 

We are detail-oriented from the very start, starting with the pregestational stage of the mother for umbilical cord blood donation. Only young mothers who meet our criteria will pass, ensuring that we use only healthy newborn cord blood for our treatments.

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International standard 

We follow the same standardized protocols as international blood banks to ensure the quality and safety of our plasma.

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The younger the better 

While other places may use young blood from young adults, we utilize young blood from umbilical cord blood, considered an even younger and valuable resource for our treatments.

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Treatment Protocol


Before undergoing young blood plasma treatment, we will first take a blood sample to cross-match and select the most suitable young blood plasma donor for you. This process typically takes 1 to 3 days before the treatment can proceed.

On the day of the treatment, you will receive a single-donor young blood plasma infusion, which is approximately 50-55 ml in volume. The infusion will be administered over a period of 45 minutes.

After the treatment, there are no specific requirements for post-care.


However, we recommend consulting with our medical team for any personalized advice or guidance based on your individual needs.

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Price and payment 

The price for the treatment is 240,000 per session, with no hidden costs involved. The full payment is required on the day of the cross-match process. We offer payment options, including VISA, MASTER cards, cash, and bank transfers, to ensure convenience for our valued clients.

Common question and answer

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Where is the source of cord blood used to produce our young blood plasma?

We utilize the source from a private clinic in Bangkok, which, as part of our contract with the lab, remains undisclosed, including the clinic's name and the identity of the donors.

How often can I undergo young blood plasma treatment?

You can undergo young blood plasma treatment every 6 months to 1 year.

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